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Gas Saving Tips
Avoid Accelerating Hard
Maybe you’ve had a backseat driver ask you “why are you racing to the next stop light? You won’t get to your destination any faster.” Not only does it not get you there faster, it also wastes a whole lot of gas. Recent tests show that you'll receive up to a 35.4 percent increase in gas mileage just by accelerating gently from a stop. Similarly, braking slowly also gives a slight increase in gas mileage.

Use Cruise Control
We know that on long trips cruise control can be helpful to the wallet in avoiding a speeding ticket. Did you know it also benefits your wallet by increasing your gas mileage as much as 14 percent?

Tune Your Engine
Keep up with regular maintenance. A properly functioning engine will give you profits in gas savings. Furthermore, resolving check engine light issues can restore fuel economy and give you a handsome return on your investment. For example, tests have shown that replacing faulty oxygen sensors increased gas mileage by 40 percent. Also keep in mind that not resolving check engine light problems can also cause damage to other components, even if your engine seems to operate perfectly.

Clean Out That Trunk
Remove all those boxes and golf club bags from your trunk. Hauling more weight uses more gasoline. As a general rule, an increase of 100 pounds can decrease fuel economy by 2 percent.

Properly Inflate Your Tires
Besides the benefit of improved fuel economy, properly inflated tires reduce the risk of having a potentially dangerous blow out and can improve tire longevity, ride
comfort, vehicle performance and handling.

Don’t Believe the Hype
Fuel additives that claim to “boost fuel economy” simply don't work. The EPA has tested many of these products and come to the conclusion the the benefits these additives provide, if any, are insignificant.