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Service Schedule
Recommended Service Schedule

This list should be considered a general guideline for most vehicles. We can work with you to customize a maintenance routine specific to your vehicle and driving conditions.

1     Lubrication Service -- at least every 3,000 miles

*   Change oil and oil filter; use 5W-50 synthetic or high-grade 20W-50 motor oil.
*   Inspect and correct fluid levels: coolant, brake system, windshield washer, transmission.

*   Lubricate engine throttle linkage.
*   Inspect: tires/wheels, brakes, suspension, belts, hoses, air filter, windshield wipers, lights, and horn.

2     Maintenance Service -- every 15,000 miles

*   Change oil and oil filter; use 5-W-50 synthetic or high-grade 20-W-50 motor oil.
*   Inspect for leaks: engine and fuel system, transmission, clutch control system, rear/center differentials (where applicable), steering system, shocks, and HVAC system.
*   Inspect and correct fluid levels: cooling system, transmission, clutch, level control, rear/center differentials (where applicable), brake system, power steering, washer fluid, A/c sytem.
*    Lubricate: throttle linkages, hinges, locks, hood pivots.
*    Adjust valve clearances if needed.
*    Inspect: ignition system, air filter, belts, hoses, fuse box, air conditioning, throttle linkages, turbocharger (if equipped), body and paint, undercarriage, ball joints and boots, shocks and springs, wheels/tires, brake components, steering system.
*    Adjust tire pressure and rotate tires as necessary.
*    Inspect: windshield wipers, lights, and horn.
*    Road test vehicle.

3     Additional Service -- every 30,000 miles

*    Change automatic transmission fluid.
*    Replace air filter and fuel filter.
*    Inspect belts, clutch, driveshaft and flex discs, brake hoses/cables.

4     Additional Service -- annually

*    Replace brake fluid and antifreeze coolant.
*    Replace windshield wiper blade(s).
*    Clean and lightly lubricate sunroof rails and sliding blocks.
*    Inspect: wipers, lights, horn, radio/antenna.

*** Additionally, vehicles equipped with a timing belt MUST have the belt replaced according to manufacturer-specified intervals. Neglecting this item may cause the belt to break, resulting in extensive internal engine damage, costing you thousands of dollars. Contact us for more information about your specific vehicle.